SPIRO CBD Vape Starter Kit

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SPIRO CBD Vape Starter Kit | Tigasaudarafarm

Spiro’s natural full-spectrum, THC-free vape juice additionally the Aspire Gusto Mini vape kit. This kit integrates superior, unrivaled functionality with the convenience of transportability, giving you the most effective CBD pod delivery system in the industry with its sleek and discreet design, combined with easy-to-use Spiro vape juice pods.

Spiro’s proprietary full-spectrum hemp formula (not isolate) gets the highest profile of numerous cannabinoids and terpenes available on the market, providing you with a CBD vaping item unlike any you’ve got ever skilled. Test it and you’ll feel the difference!

The Spiro Kit has 3 delicious flavors that are all-natural you to select from.

Spiro Starter Kit Includes:

  • 900 mAh battery pack
  • 4.2ml Pod of naturally flavored complete spectrum vape formula that is juice
  • 3.3% CBD
  • Substitution Mouthpiece
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  • USB Charging Cable
  • Consumer Guide
  • Available Colors: Ebony
  • Available Flavors: Natural, Citrus, and Mint

All of our CBD products undergo independent testing as part of our dedication to quality and higher standards.

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Accessibility: In stock

Raw: Soothe the tranquil to your soul natural taste of Spiro Raw. The naturally sweet, natural taste of our superior vape that is full-spectrum will flake out and sooth you with every breath.

Citrus: go through the harmony of natural tastes while you enjoy each breath that is deep of Citrus. Let this mixture of zesty citrus and obviously sweet, organic flavors of our superior full-spectrum vape juice soothe and flake out you.

Mint: We united the cool and comforting experience of mint with this superior vape that is full-spectrum to carry you this retreat through the ordinary. The natural, light organic taste for the vape juice combinations effectively with all the sweet complement of mint to relax the human body and sensory faculties.

Product Specs For Gusto-mini

  • Atomizer Capacity in ML: 4.2ml
  • Battery Type: Integrated Lipo Battery
  • Battery Capability (mAh): 900mAh
  • Nominal Wattage Production: 17W
  • Chemical Composition of Coil: Ni-80 Coil
  • Coil Opposition (ohm): 1.5-ohm Mid Airflow
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Maker Warranty Period: Half A Year
  • Est. Lifespan: 300 Charges/Approx. Year one

Spiro Starter Kit Includes:

  • 900 mAh Battery
  • 4.2ml Pod of obviously flavored spectrum vape juice that is full
  • Replacement Mouthpiece
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Consumer Guide
  • Available Colors: Ebony
  • Available Flavors: Natural, Citrus, and Mint

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